Happy Birthday Luther!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Luther Vandross. Happy Birthday Luther! Celebrate Luther’s birthday with his best music videos, starting with “Never Too Much.”

How well do you know Luther? Test your knowledge about Luther Vandross with this fun Luther Quiz.

Also check out a special playlist of live performances!

The Stories Behind Luther Vandross’ Greatest Tracks – Express

The stories behind Luther Vandross’ greatest tracks – by the man who knew him best; Chic legend Fonzi Thornton. Fonzi goes into great detail about growing up with Luther and being best friends from the age of 13. “He always kept everybody in stitches, you can ask anyone in his band, anyone that worked with him.” Read more at

Luther Vandross Friend Fonzi Thornton Remembers R&B Legend – HuffPostUK

Luther Vandross’s lifelong friend and musical partner remembers bursting into tears at their final recording session together, moved by the personal sentiment of the tune “Dance With My Father” and by seeing his pal Luther’s ill health.

Backing singer Fonzi Thornton tells HuffPostUK:

“I looked at him and said, ‘You don’t feel well,’ but he told me he was okay.

…Fonzi was a lifelong friend of Luther, after meeting him in the East Harlem Projects where they both grew up.

… “He appeared serious, but it wasn’t arrogant,” he remembers. “He was just confident and clear, and so caring and generous with his friends and their families. He’d be very proud of what they’ve achieved.”

Read more at HuffPostUK.