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Luther Vandross Official Photo

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I love Luther too. It's seems the longer he's gone the more I miss him. His songs have always spoken to my life. Nothings changed. I wish you were still here with us Luther. I felt robbed the day you left us. Heaven is soooo blessed to have that angelic voice to listen to live. I wonder if you're still making new music there...maybe collaborating with Whitney. Only Heaven knows right?

I always loved Luther and will forever, I am praying for him everyday,listen to his music almost all the time own everything videos, cds etc....know the lyrics, go to his grave on his birthday and the anniversary of this death in New Jersey from California. I just miss him

Luther Vandross was a great person and he was a great singer I love all Luther Vandross sings even the the Power of love that touch my heart and for forever in love i love that song to Luther was a big person with a big heart he love all his fans I am luther vandross fan he will be miss by all his fans I am going forever miss him in my heart I am not going forget luther vandross I am going always love luther vandross His family is mind and in my thought and pray.